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Soul Centred

What is Soul Centred Psychotherapy?

Soul Centred Psychotherapy is a therapeutic and transformative journey which unfolds in a safe, supportive space. It was developed in Australia in the 1980s by Dr Kaalii Cargill and Andrew Cargill of the Kairos Centre, Melbourne and is based on the understanding that exploring the psyche in its totality enables consciousness to emerge and evolve.

How can Soul Centred Psychotherapy help?

Soul Centred Psychotherapy focuses on the themes of relationship, mindfulness, attention, lived experience, meaning, honouring, enchantment and the sacred. This focus differentiates Soul Centred work from other approaches that use similar therapeutic techniques. The essence of Soul Centred Psychotherapy can be described as:

  • Relationship – a ‘third body’ that forms between two people, as well as our relationship with ourselves
  • Mindfulness – being fully present in the moment with attention available for whatever is happening
  • Embodied experience – authentic, embodied experiences that support connections between mind and body, thoughts and feelings, memories and current life events
  • Relational field – the invisible web of connection that surrounds each engagement in our lives
  • Meaning – a sense of value and importance that is subjective rather than objective or collective