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Motivational Interviewing

What is Motivational Interviewing Therapy?

Motivational Interviewing Therapy facilitates motivation around behaviour by addressing a person’s individual goals and readiness for change. The approach uses the principles and practices of person-centred counselling to encourage people to make personal choices along the way.

How can I help?

Motivational Interviewing Therapy is particularly effective when working through issues of addiction or unhealthy behaviours. Current research shows that the more a person is aware of their unease or distress and how it affects their life and others, the greater control they have over their behaviour. Motivational Interviewing Therapy expands this concept through evidence-based principles that help people to:

  • Express empathy – acceptance facilitates change
  • Develop discrepancy – discrepancy between current behavior and important goals aim to facilitate change
  • Avoid disagreements – arguments are counterproductive; resistance is a sign to change strategies
  • Support self-sufficiency – belief that change is possible is an important motivator
  • Roll with resistance – new perspectives are invited but not imposed